"My goal as a medical doctor is to help needy patients obtain health and pass on my knowledge and skills to the community". Meet the Doctor who believes and hopes that one day people with low income in Kenya will have access to affordable medical facilities. 

Daniel Ogutu is the Founder of Doki’s ADVICE e.V. (www.dokis-advice.com) and a licenced Specialist Doctor in Germany for internal and emergency medicine. Doki’s Advice, a childhood dream, is a free online medical consultation platform for needy patients and medical workers which is represented on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and shares various educative articles and videos concerning your health. Daniel and his Team travel twice a year to Kenya and serve in co-operate rural government hospitals consulting and treating free of charge. They also sponsor missing equipment to the hospitals they visit. Imaging ,tests and various medication has been paid using Dokis remarkable online donation programs found on their homepage.

Well, how does this work? Patients who are able to pay off their treatment are asked to donate an amount which is then used to pay another patients bill.

Their goal is to:

  • Set up an online medical training program for kenyan doctors and nurses on european research standards.
  • To offer free full short and longterm treatment for Patients with minimal income
  • Set up a Dokis diagnostics and Training clinic in Kenya
  • To empower africans with medical knowledge towards prevention and treatment.

And last but not least to challenge the current failing medical system in Kenya by reviewing previous cases.  Dont forget to share and follow them on our various Channels

Watch the career path of Daniel Ogutu.

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