Are you a parent in Germany and would like to understand the education system in Germany?

Would you like to get professional help on how to solve conflicts that arise between the teachers, children and the community? Rachael Okong, currently a teacher in Berlin shared helpful insights to help parents understand the education system in Germany and how to solve conflicts.

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Rachael is a teacher based in Berlin who came to Germany in the late 90s to for studies and wears several hats. She did her Studienkolleg, degrees in pharmacy and later Biology and specialised in Evolution Biodiversity at the Freie Universität Berlin. While studying Biology she started working as a student assistant for her professor, who then employed her as a mentor for the incoming foreign students. After graduation she worked for several years as a research scientist first with her professor, and later other work groups before she followed the call to teach younger children as she wanted to understand why most young women who landed at the university failed to succeed in their studies because of the aversion to mathematics. She currently works as a teacher at primary school and at the university of Potsdam as a mentor for Education students. In her free time she is an activist fighting to get the BIPOC children get their rights in schools and does projects on this with the University of San Fransisco amongst others. Her books targeting black children readers and parents will be available for sale by September.


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