Enroll now for preparatory Certificate in Healthcare Assistant training programme to join the nursing apprenticeship programme for nurses in Germany!

The AG-Career Hub together with Hochschule Koblenz, Mount Kenya University and the African Nurses/Pfleger in Germany is excited to facilitate the apprenticeship training programme for nurses in Germany. One of the goals of the AG-Career Hub is to facilitate academic and businesses partnerships between Germany and Kenya. We are very excited to have facilitated the partnership between the University of Applied Sciences Koblenz in Germany, and Mount Kenya University (MKU) in Kenya. MKU has also partnered with other German universities in the past with different projects. The goal of the apprenticeship programmes in Germany is to tap on the growing demand of health workers in Germany. 

Read more about the the current partnership and other engangements with the universities: 

Training in Kenya and in Germany

The Health Care Assistant preparatory Certificate which will be trained in Kenya, is a preparation course to help students interested in the apprenticeship programme prepare themselves for the training in Germany. The preparation will be implemented through Mount Kenya University thereafter release the students to German hospitals for apprenticeship and subsequent job placement. Click here to see details of the programme from the first pilot project: >>Preparatory Certificate in Healthcare Assistant training programme

Details on how to apply for the second cohort will be published on Mount Kenya Website.

Structure of the Programme

A. German language skills

  • One of the essential requirement to join the training in Germany is very good command of the German language lesson. For the current intake, students enrolling need to have at least B2 German language certificate.
  • Students interested in joining the programme and do not have language skills can enroll for German language courses at Mount Kenya University in Thika. The University is offering German language Levels from A1, A2, B1 and B2.

B. Certificate Training in Kenya

  • The certificate course will take two semesters of 14 weeks each and upon completion, the graduates will be offered guaranteed apprenticeship in partner German hospitals. 
  • The certificate course will offer students introduction to basic nursing courses, intercultural trainings and further German language courses to prepare them for the training in Germany.

Onboarding in Germany

During the preparation in Kenya and training in Germany, the African Nurses/Pfleger in Germany and AG-Career Hub in Germany will support the students to successfully integrate into the training and working environment in German hospitals as well as facilitate career coaching and mentorship in Germany to accompany them during their stay.

About the AG-Career Hub

AG-Career Hub founded by Kenyan Professionals based in Germany is an information and consulting platform with a key focus of establishing linkages to facilitate partnerships and collaborations with companies, universities and diaspora communities in Germany and in African countries.

The organisation was founded in 2018 and it is the largest network for Kenyan Professionals in Germany. Together with our team and a pool of experts and mentors we create linkages, mentor, coach, train young professionals and share career and business opportunities in Germany and in Africa. The community is made up of companies, students and professionals who studied, trained, worked in Germany or are in self employment and some have relocated back to their countries of origin. Read more about us here: https://www.ag-careerhub.com/about-us/our-profile

About African Nurses/Pfleger

African Nurses/Pfleger in Germany (ANPG) is a Facebook Group with over 2000 African nurses who are either trained or currently training in Germany. Founded by Rose Komarek, a Kenyan Nurse who trained in Germany, the ANPG focuses on empowering African nurses training and working in Germany. The organisation offers on voluntary basis training, coaching, mentoring and helpful tips on how to cope with some of the challenges in one of the most demanding sectors in Germany.  

Apart from focusing on the healthcare sector in Germany, Rose together with her members are also geared towards giving back to the communities back in Africa through capacity building, knowledge transfer and to partner with other institutions with a common goal of solving health issues globally. Feel free to join the network here: https://de-de.facebook.com/groups/1210598292454767/

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