If you wish to study in Germany you need health insurance.

Without the insurance you will not be able to apply for student or language visa from your home country or be enrolled at the German university.

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Types of Health Insurances in Germany

In Germany, there are two parallel health insurance systems: Statutory and private health insurance

  1. State health insurance is run by German government. Most foreigners (and Germans as well) are obliged to take out state health insurance.
  2. Private health insurance can be chosen in some specific cases. It generally offers more extensive cover, but is not automatically an advantage for all cases.

Students enrolled at state-approved universities MUST apply for the Statutory health insurance. However, for visa applications from home country and preparation for the studies, the students are entitled to apply for the private health insurance. Students are offered special student insurance schemes with favourable rates.

Who is entitled to apply for the Private health insurance?

  1. Students who are applying for studies in Germany from their home country: If you are applying for studies in your home country, then you need to apply for the private health insurance. This is one of the requirements so that you can be able to acquire the visa. Once you arrive in Germany and after registering at the University, then you are entitled to apply for the public health insurance.
  2. Students currently enrolled at the university and are over 30 years: These category of students can continue to maintain their public health insurance but the premiums are double. Most of them prefer to change to the private health insurances.

  3. Students attending the preparatory course (studienkolleg)
  4. Students attending German language courses in preparation for studies
  5. Au-pair and FSJ

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