Are you looking for requirements to enroll for undergraduate degree programmes in Germany? We have an overview for Kenyan students interested to study in Germany.

Major requirements for undergraduate degree programmes

There are a number of secondary school certificates awarded in other countries which qualify students to study at a university in their respective countries, but which do not qualify them to study at a German University. Apart from the high school grade certificate, very good German language skills are major requirements since most of the programmes are offered in the German language. Some universities do offer some english language courses. Please note that the German language is a key requirement to help students navigate within the system, have access to student jobs among other benefits. Click here to see some of the english degree courses in Germany: >>Bachelor Degree English Courses

There are basically two types of requirements for undergraduate degree programmes in Germany. 

Category A: Requirements with no direct admission to the university

This category is for students who have high school certificates that do not qualify them for direct admission for undergraduate courses in German universities. They must attend the preparatory college (Studienkolleg) which takes 2 semesters for them to have the requirements needed for direct admission.

  • Requirements to apply for the Studienkolleg:
    • Highschool grade with a minimum of C+ in KCSE (Requirements from Kenya - KCSE)
    • German Language Skills of B1 or B2
    • Financial Proof of either a blocked account with 11208 euros or a formal obligation. There are no scholarships for undergraduate programmes prior to studies in Germany.
    • Admission letter from either the university or the Studienkolleg

Category B: Requirements with DIRECT admission to the university

This category is for students who qualifies for direct admission for undergraduate courses to German universities:

  • Requirements for direct admission:
    • Highschool grade with a minimum of C+ in KCSE (Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education)
    • German Language Skills as from A2 (depends on the programme)
    • Diploma from a recognised institution or first degree
    • Academic Transcripts for 1st year from a recognised university.

Financial Requirements

Students applying for studies in Germany must provide either a >>block account with 11208 euros, a scholarship or a sponsor to cater for the financial needs during studies in Germany. For more requirements regarding the visa requirements for students and language visas, visit the German Embassy in your area for more information. See the requirements from the German Embassy in Kenya. >>National Visa

Scholarships in Germany

There are a good number of scholarships for international students in Germany. But it is advisable to begin searching for scholarships early enough while you are still in your home country. Please note that it is not easy to find scholarships for undergraduate courses. Click here to see an overview of Scholarships in Germany and in Africa.

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