Which role should African Professionals in the Diaspora play in building and establishing sustainable partnerships and collaborations in the academia and industry sectors between Germany and the countries of origin in Africa?

What needs to be done to make sure that young people in the African continent get access to career and business opportunities, connecting them with universities, companies and industries and funding organisations?

About us

AG-Career Hub founded by Kenyan Professionals based in Germany is an information and consulting company based in Germany with a key focus of establishing linkages to facilitate partnerships and collaborations with companies, universities and diaspora communities in Germany and in Kenya.

The organisation was founded in 2018 and it is the largest network for Kenyan Professionals in Germany. Together with our team and a pool of experts and mentors we are keen on creating sustainable linkages in business, academia and in diaspora engagements between Germany and Kenya with the goal of creating a win-win situation in both countries. Apart from creating and establishing linkages, the platform offers career and business opportunities in Germany and in African countries. The community is made up of companies, students and professionals who studied, trained, worked in Germany or are in self employment and some have relocated back to their countries of origin.

The main goals of the organisation are to:

  1. Establish an information hub connecting universities, companies and social communities with students and professionals looking for opportunities in Germany or back in African countries.
  2. Identify sustainable and suitable partnerships in academia and in business
  3. Identify sustainable and suitable technologies for the African market
  4. Build an academic home in Germany for African professionals in the diaspora and offer mentorship.
  5. Identify sustainable and suitable technologies for the African market
  6. Establish a Business Directory of Companies & Organisations with focus on Africa.
  7. Support Brain Gain by highlighting Job openings and Funding programmes to support returnees and projects back in Africa.
  8. Knowledge transfer through conducting workshops and business events and career events.

We value knowledge transfer through conducting workshops and events. Click here to see some of our activities, business and career events:

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Our current engagement and projects

Here is an overview of the information we share, the goals and achievements we have made within the hub.


1. Establish potential Partnerships with Companies, Universities & Organisations


Which partnerships can we establish to facilitate market entry, sustainable and suitable technology for the African market, support brain gain, knowledge transfer, & capacity building, financial support for young entrepreneurs and access to education? This has been one our key goal: to establish potential partnerships with companies, universities and organisations in Germany and in Africa. Click here to see our current partnerships.


2. Talent Acquisition, Train & Study in Germany & Onboarding and Intercultural Trainings


Looking for an opportunity to grow your career in Germany? Are you a high school graduate, fresh graduate or a professional looking for opportunities to grow your career? Do you know that Germany has become an attractive destination for international students looking for career opportunities abroad?

Looking for the right partner for talent acquisition from Africa? Are you looking for employees to train or work within your organisation? Check our talent acquisition desk for more information.

After facilitating the >>partnership between Hochschule Koblenz and Mount Kenya University, we kicked off with our first pilot project offering young people with good German language skills to train as nurses in Germany. Our organisations has been involved in talent acquisition process, coaching & mentorship and in on-boarding to ensure that the students and the training institutions are best prepared for the trainings in Germany.


3. AG-Career Hub Academic Home and Mentorship


The community is geared towards building an academic home in Germany for Africans in the diaspora who would like to connect with other professionals in their field of expertise, identify career opportunities in Germany and back home. With the help of our experts and mentors, we are able to connect young professionals with mentors to give them the career guidance in their area of profession. Click here to see an overview of our current mentors.


4. Diaspora Investment Desk & Business Directory for companies and organisations


Many Africans in the diaspora are looking for ways on how they can invest either in their countries of residence, back home or give back to the community. The newly launched diaspora investment desk is keen on building the knowledge hub on investment opportunities in Germany and back in countries of origin for Africans residing in Germany.

Digital marketing tools have played a very major role in enabling companies and organisations utilize internet and online based digital technologies to promote their products and services and scale their business models. Click here to see our direct business directory. If you would like us to list your company or organisation, kindly feel free to reach out to us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Click here to see our current business directory. 


5. Market Entry and Technology Transfer


Are you looking for potential partners to evaluate and customise the product to suit your target clients in the African market? Get in touch with us.


6. Brain Gain & Funding Programmes


We support brain grain by highlightling job openings, scholarships and funding programmes for young professionals and returnees. See current job openings, scholarships and funding programmes

Contact us

Feel free to drop us a message on info(AT)ag-careerhub.com | +49 176 7677 1418


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