Are you looking for master degree courses in Germany? Would you like to know about the major requirements for students to enroll for master courses in Germany?

Major requirements for master degree programmes

One of the major requirements for master degree enrollment is that students need to have completed undergraduate studies and are looking for master courses in a related field. The degree certificate must also be recognised (accredited) to study in Germany. The Central Office for Foreign Education has a database where students can check on whether the university in your home country has been accredited on anabin (link only in German) database.

These are the major requirements for master degree courses in Germany:

  1. Accredition of higher education institutions for degrees acquired outside Germany
  2. German Language proficiency: for master courses in German, German language level of DSH is one of the major requirements for most universities. For master programmes offered in english, some universities require basic German language proficiency. Some universities offer German language lessons during your studies.
  3. English Language Requirement: depending on the programme, universities require various certificates as a proof that students have good command of the language.
  4. Academic degree: most universities require an academic grade of 2.5.

The admission criteria are set my the universities and vary according to the structure of the course. Work experience and internships are also important criteria for some courses depending on the programme and the university requirements. Before applying for any course, check to ensure that you meet the requirements as stated on the course website.

Financial Requirements

Students applying for studies in Germany must provide either a >>block account with 11208 euros, a scholarship or a sponsor to cater for the financial needs during studies in Germany. For more requirements regarding the visa requirements for students and language visas, visit the German Embassy in your area for more information. See the requirements from the German Embassy in Kenya. >>National Visa

Scholarships in Germany

There are a good number of scholarships for international students in Germany. But it is advisable to begin searching for scholarships early enough while you are still in your home country. Please note that it is not easy to find scholarships for undergraduate courses. Click here to see an overview of Scholarships in Germany and in Africa.

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