A professional network can be of great value in supporting career development and networking with like minded people. Do you want to be part of Kenyan Professionals, Students and Businesses in Germany? Register now and join us on 27th of August 2022 in Nürnberg.

About the Career Meetup

In collaboration with Prof. Dr. Kai Uwe Wellner and the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Hochschule, the AG-Career Hub together with Kepic Commercials Consulting is going to host a career & networking meet-up with Kenyan Professionals, Students and Businesses in Germany. The main agenda is to meet and connect with professionals who are either in corporate and academia sectors in Germany, have established businesses in Germany and or in Kenya, or have relocated back to Kenya. Apart from networking during the event, several information sessions will be also be available during the meeting:

  • Unlocking the Potentials of Africans in Diaspora
  • Smart Investment in the Real Estate in Kenya
  • Investment opportunities in Germany
  • Changing the media narrative of Africans in Germany
  • Role & Benefits of Dual TVET Training in Kenya
  • Job search, Recruitment Process & Career Development in Germany
  • Dual Study Degree Programmes in Germany
  • Career Opportunities in the Health Care Sector in Germany

About AG-Career Hub

AG-Career Hub founded by Kenyan Professionals based in Germany is an information and consulting platform with a key focus of establishing linkages to facilitate partnerships and collaborations with companies, universities and diaspora communities in Germany and in Africa.

The organisation was founded in 2018 and it is the largest network for Kenyan Professionals in Germany. Together with our team and a pool of experts and mentors we create linkages, mentor, coach, train young professionals and share career and business opportunities in Germany and in Africa. The community is made up of companies, students and professionals who studied, trained, worked in Germany or are in self employment and some have relocated back to their countries of origin. Read more about our work here: https://www.ag-careerhub.com/about-us/our-profile

Hosts & Speakers


Prof. for international Management, Technische Hochschule Nürnberg


Role: Sponsor & Partner

  Prof. Wellner is a Professor for International Management at Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm  Prof. Wellner is very keen towards building bridges between Germany and Africa and in supporting professionals and students achieve their career goals
Senior Consultant - International Tax at WTS Deutschland

Topic: International taxation with a focus on the Africa region

  Allan Onsando is an international tax expert. He is the head of the Africa region service line at WTS Germany and the lead consultant for the region. Through his legal, corporate strategy, responsible management experience and academia, Allan has successfully supported several individuals, MNEs and SMEs doing business in Africa. He lives the adage “iron sharpens iron” and is passionate about uplifting others within social and professional contexts. 
Director of Board and Lawyer,
GAaNF e.V. & The Bridge Consulting

Topic: Unlocking the Potentials of Africans in Diaspora

  Edith Otiende-Lawani is a 35year old legal practitioner originating from Kenya. Her passion for defending human rights led her in 2006 to Germany, where she later joined Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich in to study law. After qualifying as a Lawyer, she did her legal internship „Referendariat“ with the Higher Regional Court „Oberlandesgericht“ Munich and various administrative authorities.

Since 2011, she´s been working with legal firms majorly in the field of compliance, criminal law, immigration law, corporate law, employment law and administrative law.

Through her social engagements with NGOs and public sectors active in development cooperation, she was inspired to found the association « Giving Africa a New Face e.V. » in 2017, which aims at promoting sustainable partnerships between Germany and Africa, as well as inclusive socio-political structures in Germany. The demand for promoting German-African B2B Partnership prompted the foundation of her company „The Bridge Consulting“, which brings Start-Ups and SMEs with Investors together, within Germany and between Germany and Africa.

GAaNF is also a beneficiary of the PMD funding programmes from the German organisation funding Vereine to do projects back home. Ms Otiende-Lawani is also very active in politics where she holds various positions within her Party, and aspires to create reforms especially as regarding development, refugee and migration policies.

Architect, Head of Light Industrial Design & Engineering,
Monochrom Architekten


Topic: Smart Investment in the Real Estate in Kenya

  Timothy Tiri is an Architect and Head of Light Industrial Design and Engineering at Monochrom Architekten of Areal Consulting GmbH main office based in Mainz.

“I believe creation is a powerful skill, an intriguing ability evolving from our originalities and perspectives. By formulating our own unique creations, we endeavour to create a parallel between our imagination and the world we live in. My passion for architecture acts as a catalyst for inspiration and thus provides me with a prominent sense of ambition and desire to keep striving”.

Timothy has 11 years of experience and is a two-time award-winning Architect in Germany. He practices Architecture in Kenya as well and to top it as a contractor, a one- stop shop for any matters related with construction and real estate. Having studied in Bsc Architecture in Kenya, Timothy relocated to Germany and pursued a Graduate Diploma in Architecture at Dessau Institute of Architecture and later Master of Landscape Architecture at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.

Timothy is very focused on educating Africans in the diaspora about smart investments in their country of origin currently focusing on Kenya. Being that link that diaspora have looking for when going about development is his main aim and mission.
CEO  & Founder Tales of Yambo

Topic: Changing the media narrative of Africans in Germany

  Philly studied British Studies und Publizistik at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. She has over 5 years experience in corporate communication. Philly is currently working as a news analyst for a public relations and communication company in Germany. Aside from her full-time job, she is a registered moderator, speaker and writer and has had the honour of hosting various cultural and corporate events across Germany.

Philly is also the founder of a project called The Tales of Yambo, a media platform where the African community in Europe interacts, exchange ideas and inspires each other. The platform also seeks to challenge the unfavorable narrative about the African diaspora, which unfortunately dominates the coverage in mainstream media. She is a passionate writer and has written some creative short stories and poems on her blog.

Founder of Mutech Training Institute


Topic: Role & Benefits of Dual TVET Training in Kenya


Vincent Mutunge is the Founder of Mutech Training Institute (www.mutech-training.com) and a licenced Aircraft Maintenance and Test Technician at ADAC Luftrettung in Bonn. Mutech Training Institute is a start up TVET Institute in Kitui Kenya, The Institute is well equiped to offer the German model of Dual training, courses in Mechanical Engineering, Motor Vehicle Mechanics and Aircraft Maintenance at certificate and diploma level. Vincent migrated to Germany in 2005 and is a beneficiary of the German Dual training system.His passion is in youth empowerment and technology and he brings transfer of knowledge from his training and work experience to the project.

My goal is to:

  1. Set up a Dual TVET Institute accessible to the rural youth including people with disabilities and equality between men and women.
  2. Train the youth in professions that enable them set up own businesses, earn their own income in the future and finance themselves and their families.
  3. Establish contact with returning experts and discuss training requirements (tailormade) for the human resource they wish to employ for projects in Kenya.

“In an ever changing world, dual vocational training offers job security that many people strive for while at the same time giving the employers the confidence in the skills and capabilities of the staff they will employ”. 

HR & REcruiting

Topic: Job search, Recruitment Process & Career Development in Germany

  Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Education in English Language & Literature (Moi University) and an MA in Psychology of Excellence in Business and Education from Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich.

She currently works as a Recruiter and has extensive experience in recruiting and talent sourcing across various fields.
  BENARD KILEL (Speaker)
Accounting Specialist at CANCOM
Lecturer DHBW Heidenheim

Topic: Dual Study Degree Programmes in Germany

  Benard Kilel (@Ben Kilel) is an accountant and part-time lecturer at Baden-Wütteberg Copperative State University (Duales Hochschule Baden-Wüttemberg / DHBW) with focus on M&A topics in emerging markets. Ben holds a Master of Arts Global Management with focus in Financial Management from Hof University of Applied Sciences
  ALICE STROH (Speaker)
Trained Nurse in Germany & current student
(B.Sc. Healthcare Magement at Fulda Hochschule)

Topic: Career Opportunities in the Health Care Sector in Germany

  Alice is a trained Nurse and has been in the care sector for the last 15 years.  In 2020, Alice decided to further advance her career and is currently enrolled at the University of Applied Sciences Fulda undertaking a degree in Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management.  Since 2021 Alice joined politics (Co-Vorsitzende in Integrationskommission). "My work  in Integrationskommission ist to take the needs and things affecting all migrants so that the communal can tackle those problems and help our people to have equal chances and ressources".

Our Sponsors & Partners

We are very delighted to have the support from the following German & Kenyan Companies and Organisations based in Germany.

Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Hochschule


Siemens Betriebskrankenkasse (SBK)

Kepic Commercials Germany

GAaNF - Giving Africa a New Face e.V.

Pflegeteam Träutlein

Power Logistics

Tumaini e.V.

African Nurses/Pfleger in Germany

TYKE Society

Tales of Yambo

My African Cooking

Looking forward to the meetup and the networking. For any inquires, kindly get in touch with us via E-Mail. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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